About Nagoya Wrestling Academy

Specific non profit corporation Nagoya Wrestling Academy is intended to contribute to the healthy growth of children, promotion of wrestling, and people's health mentally and physically, by carrying out study of wrestling, technical guidance, consultation, providing information and conducting educational activities to the children, wrestlers, and general people.

We became NPO (specific non-profit corporation) at January 2016 as an organization to do study of wrestling, technical guidance, educational activities etc., by the members of Meinan Wrestling Club - wrestling club team for children and adults - that founded in December 2013.


Nagoya Wrestling Academy aims to lift the strength of wrestlers, and to raise Olympic athletes in Nagoya region, along with making more and more people to enjoy wrestling, by physical exercises and educational activities to children and adults, by social contribution activities to improve awareness of wrestling, and by training support activities for wrestlers.


[Wrestling Classes]
To improve technical capabilities of wrestling, we have the wrestling classes for children and adults.
Practice for children: Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Practice for adults (junior high school and above): Every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Practice Location: Nagoya, Minami-ku, Kanamecho 2-chome, 19-1

[Educational activities of wrestling]
For wrestling enlightenment, we hold health and body building events.
Date and Time: scheduled about twice a year. The date and time and place to guide when determined.

[Exercise classroom in the orphanage, etc.]

As part of the volunteer activities, we hold classrooms for calisthenics and physical development in the orphanage, etc.

Implementation date and time: once a month (usually the second Saturday ) 14:00 to 16:00

He hold seminars with the themes of s
ports technology improvement tips, body building towards the game, the concept of training, enhance the way of motivation etc., for schools, companies, and organizations.

[Enhancing English skills of athletes]
As part of the growing internationally accepted athletes, we enhance English skills of athletes.

Set the "English Day" to use English all the time of practice. Also hold the English classroom for athletes who want to learn English individually.

[Other activities]
To promote wrestling and to improve level, we participate practices of wrestling clubs of school, company, or joint practice held by Wrestling Association.